Textile Division

It is core business operation of the company. It is catering to manufacturers & consumers of textile & related products spanning around the country. With the hard work put in by three generations of the owner family company has penetrated presence in central part of Northern India. Being so old in the textile market it is obvious that senior people & dedicated senior employees of the company know almost four generation & lot of history, the financial standing, way of dealing & general behavior of customers & traders in the market. During the days of Public sector a large chunk of awards, shields & appraisals merit certificates have been awarded to the company for its highest performance in sales turnover for these governments owned units.

From 1967-1991 the company has got highest turnover awards for Pulgaon Cotton Mills Ltd. (unit of Maharashtra State Textile Corporation, MSTC), Burhanpur Mills (Unit of National Textiles Corporation, NTC) for sales. The Company on many times has been awarded the highest award for sales among all sales partners stretched across India by MSTC. In the new age of privatization in India, the comthe company has taken it as opportunity of better growth, unrestricted quality development, improved service & better revenue. It has promptly shifted its base to it, changing with times. It has aligned & Collaborated with new breed of Textiles Manufacturing units owned privately across the country. This new development has placed the company in a far better position. This is in terms of no restrictions in the sense of bounds to a particular company with limited or specialized resources. Services provided by these new units were far more realistic & competitive than before. The company has taken the advantages & put up to serve domestic industries with all types of products. The range varies from furnishings, garments, banner etc. with all sub-branches of these industries. The company at one time had almost 80% of total supply of banner cloth in Delhi around 1998-1999. The company has always oriented itself towards the requirement of the customer.

The main impact puts on is at developing specialized products for specific requirements. We are still trying & growing.

Our Trading and Manufacturing companies are Sumved Textile Mills and R. P. Mills.